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Jill's Journey

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time

Precious Jill

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I don’t think this needs any words….Just make sure your volumes on and you watch til the end

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Happy 16 Month Ampuversary Jill!

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Today is Jill’s 16 Month Ampuversary! My how time flies when you’re HOPPIN FUN!!

She continues to do great – nothing at all new to report, which is just wonderful.  All is pleasantly quiet here in NY and spring is on the horizon.  Belle will be back next week for a 2-night sleepover and again in May for a 4 week visit and Jilly is anxiously awaiting her return.  She continues to be my sweet, loving little girl and I couldn’t be more pleased :)

Here she is asking for her ampuversary treats and some more pics and videos for you:

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photo (3)


photo (1)

One-Year Chemoversary!

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It’s an anniversary of a different kind for Jilly today!  Yes…I like to try to think of any and every type of anniversary I can think of.  One year ago today, Jill completed her course of IV chemotherapy with her last treatment (no I didn’t memorize the date, I had to look it up!).  So happy chemoversary to Jill!!!  I honestly cannot believe it’s been a year.  It’s so trite to say – but it REALLY feels like just yesterday she was finishing up chemo and I was worrying about “what next?”.  Well…what next was NOTHING!

We gave metronomics a shot for a few months – but that didn’t work out so well for her tummy.  It was truly frightening for me to accept that “doing nothing” was OKAY.  But I did….and it WAS!  Jill is now going on 16 months cancer-free (KNOCK ON WOOD).  Seeing her go through two surgeries and chemotherapy was obviously very hard for me, but I can honestly say accepting the fact that just leaving her alone to be a happy kitty and live life with no treatment was almost just as hard.

It’s strange sometimes.  I think back to this time last year and so much was going on I was able to make a blog post about this journey almost bi-weekly.  And now…all is quiet (KNOCK ON WOOD).  Sometimes I’ll look at Jill and think “Does she even know what she went through?”…..I honestly don’t think so.  Our pets are such fighters.  It amazes me.  I never ever gave it any thought before this all began and now it truly amazes me all the stories I’ve seen here and we’ve been inspired each and every one.

And so life goes on……and even though it’s quiet I know my little one is still fighting her war and she doesn’t even know how many battles she’s already won.

And now for your viewing pleasure….


photo (3)


photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (4)


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photo (34)

Where’d Jill go?…..

photo (35)

Oh, that’s right…


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Brotherly Love

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My Jack is really quite the lover.  He really really really truly loves his sister.  And she just keeps scooting further away from him…………………..

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An Imposter!!!

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Jill Here.

So my grandmaw and grandpaw came home from their excellent vacation.  I am unhappy about this because it means my friend Belle had to leave.  Me and Belle love to snuggle and run around.  Mom tried to convince them to let her live with us, but it didnt work.  So when Mom got home from seeing my grandpawrents, she said she had a surprise.  Grandmaw and grandpaw sent her home with a new pet for us!

Do they think I’m stupid?………I am not Jack, he fell for it hook line and sinker!!!!!

photo (14)

photo (13)

photo (15)

Happy 15 Month Ampuversary Jill!

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Today is Jill’s 15 Month Ampuversary!  15 Months on 3 legs and 15 months cancer free!  I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown and I count my lucky stars for every single day I have with her.  I know each day we have is a gift and from the day she got the diagnosis 20 months ago, each additional day is an added bonus!

I am happy to report that she continues to do well and is loving life :)


YouTube Preview Image

Please excuse my hoody, it was cold!:

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Happy Friday!

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It’s been a rough week around here, so we just wanted to say Happy Friday everyone!!! And provide a little comic relief from the jesters in Jill’s court. Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

Here is Jack in the Box


Belle having a bad hair day…….



Belle um I dont even know……..she looks possessed…….



And of course the Queen herself…………must be a bad angle…….


Happy Tripawds Day!

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Jill Here.

I just wanted to wish everypawdy a very very happy hippity hoppity Tripawds day!  Mom was havin some technical glitchy witches yesterday so we are a day late.  What a wonderful day to celebrate!!  I love all my Tripawd friends and miss all my Tripawd friends we have lost this year.  We cant express enough how much this place means to us.  We come here for hope every single day.

Everything is going pretty good around here.  It is very cold in NY so I am spending lots of time cuddling with my friends and Mom.  Here is some of what I have been up to:

Some Kitteh Aerobics:

YouTube Preview Image

I gots me a new scratcher because Mom said I was being bad and scratching the couchy.  She didnt get it I cant scratch my post MOM I cant stand on just ONE hind leg! So I got this laying down scratcher…good stuff!

YouTube Preview Image

I like to watch this maniac run around like a crazy nut.  The other day she put my tail in her mouth.  She is not too bright sometimes.

YouTube Preview Image

And here are some pitchers of me just hangin around….Belle likes to cuddle up to me because its been so cold.  She provides me no warmth though shes like a little tissue.




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Today is my baby boy Jackson’s 11th birthday!  Many of you know all about Jill, but I thought I would share a little background on how Jack came into my life.

In my Junior year of college one of my roomates and I woke up one morning and decided we wanted a kitten.  Regardless of the fact that we lived in a house with a strict “no animals” policy, we decided we would get one anyway.  Being the um…idiot 20 year olds we were, we didnt think about going to a shelter, but looked in the Washington Post and saw an ad for a woman who was selling kittens for 100$.  So off we drove to Maryland (we were in DC for college) and met Mr. Jack.  He was a 6 week old cute little ball of super cute cute cuteness! And I instantly fell in love.  For about 6 months he lived with 5 girls and was the man of our house.  He would come home with me for vacations back and forth to NY laying just like this the entire drive:


BUT THEN our landlord found out about Jack.  Being the super friendly cat he is, the landlord rang the doorbell one day and Jack came a runnin to the door.  So off to NY to live with my parents Jack went to live until graduation.  He loved living with my parents.  I was half afraid they would never give him back.  My dad started referring to him as “my Jacky boy” and Jack became good friends with our dog Basha:


But in May 2004, I moved back to NYC and Jack came to live with me again and was all MINE.  He did seem to miss having a dog around as he began to rip all his fur out.  At first I thought it was an allergy, but I brought him to the vet who told me he was lonely and anxious and that is how Jill came into our lives.  So really, I have Jack to thank for my little Jill!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO  YOU JACK.  I love you so much my “little” boy.  While Jill is my clingy, sweet kitty…Jack is my funny guy, my buddy.  Always providing comic relief, a head butt and a good conversation.  And since most of you have only seen Jack at his um…heaviest, I thought it would be fun to show you my boy at his smallest.  These pictures are from the first week I got him.  He truly was the CUTEST kitten (sorry Jill).


and my boy, present day….



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