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Jill's Journey

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time

Toe Ampuversary!!

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HELLO Everyone!!!

First – I apologize for my absence as of late!  Work has been crazy and I barely have time to crawl out of my hidey hole that is my office!!  But I do check in from time to time and hope everyone is well.  Things are great here.  Jack and Jill are doing splendidly.

So today we celebrate.  THREE YEARS ago today Jill went in to have her toe amputated. After doing a needle aspirate, we knew she had some type of sarcoma on it and the xray showed her toe was completely destroyed.  After the surgery, the biopsy would show a diagnosis of Giant Cell Osteosarcoma and away we went on a journey that led to amputation, chemo and got us here today.  I can’t believe it has been three years!!

Today she is just doing fantastic. She plays, she cuddles and I can tell she’s HAPPY.  No more going to the vet all the time for blood work and x rays.  I always thought it wasn’t taking a toll on her, because truly she’s not a cat that hates going to the vet like a lot of cats do.  She enjoys the attention of getting pets.  And I still don’t think it took TOO much of a toll on her, but she definitely has a more joyful attitude now.

She only has to go back for xrays once a year now, which initially, you know me, made me nervous, but to be honest I haven’t even thought about it.  Now when she coughs a bit, I shrug it off.  Cats cough.

So here’s to Jill.  My little fighter!  Sometimes I ask her – “Do you even know what you’ve been through? What you’ve beat??”….and I don’t think she has!  I wish she knew, so I just spoil her to let her know that she is special.

Here are some recent pics and a throwback from the day of her toe amputation rocking her very hip purple cast.

I hope everyone is well xoxoxo

Love always,

Erica, Jill & Jack





A recent visit from my parents new kitten dempsey – Jill and her mini me


June 27, 2012:


28 months

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Today is Jilly’s 28 months ampuversary and with just an hour to spare I remembered!!!

She is doing great, Jack is doing great all is well :)

May will hopefully bring some fun visits from Belle and Dempsey and I will make sure to take lots of pictures and videos.  Dempsey is settling in purrfectly with my parents and Belle.  She’s a little doll.

Up until October, I was taking Jill for x-rays every 6 months….so…this would be month 6, but her oncologist said in October we can go to just once a year now.  I would of course like to do them but you know..I have to stop being radiation crazy at some point!

So happy ampuversary Jill the Bean.  I love you so very much.


Introducing Dempsey!

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The new baby has arrived!!!  Little Dempsey arrived on Saturday.  Her foster mom drove her down from Albany to my apartment in NYC.  My parents were coming into the city on Sunday, so she got to spend one night in the zoo with Jack, Jill and Belle.

She came right out of the carrier and wanted to play!  With Belle that is.  Dempsey does not like other kitties.  The only theory I have about this is that she was raised in a vet’s office for the first 5 months of her life and she just may have become more familiar with dogs.  She isn’t mean to other cats, she’s just a little afraid at first.  On Sunday, we brought her to her new furever home with my parents and Belle.  Everything went great!  We even had some snuggling.

We also brought her to the vet to be checked out and he said she is very healthy and was obviously very well taken care of.  She is a teeny tiny 5 lbs, 5 oz. which is why she was at the vet for so long – her mom was brought in pregnant to a vet and gave birth to her there and they kept her until she was big and strong enough to go to foster care.

She is SO LOVING and so playful.  She loves to explore around and loves to snuggle up.  She is just a joy!

So I have pictures and videos for you – I know there are a lot here, but trust me, I narrowed it down a LOT 😉

Enjoy the new little baby and her new best pal Belle!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image





FullSizeRender (1)






Dempsey with her new Mommy and Daddy



IMG_0647New Best Friends:





A new family member!

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Hi everyone!

Well some very exciting news today!

About a week or so ago I saw this kitten on facebook.  I couldn’t resist her little face, but I have two cats and that is PLENTY for me.  I read about her and turns out she lives with a foster family who has a poodle and she LOVES dogs.  So…I began pestering my parents – something just told me this little girl was just perfect for them and Belle.  After a week of thinking it over, they decided that this little girl, named Dempsey, will be coming to live with them!  Application is still pending but I am sure they’ll be approved 😉

Dempsey lives in Albany, so her foster mom will be driving her down here next weekend.  We’re all SO SO EXCITED!  Most of all BELLE!  Belle always loves to snuggle with Jack and Jill, but she always wants to play with them and they have no interest in playing.  Dempsey’s foster mom told me she loves to play with her dogs.  Here is a description of Dempsey and some pictures of my new sister :)

Dempsey’s Petfinder Summary:

Does your dog need a companion to collect all his toys? Does your dog love to cuddle, to have someone throw herself into him? Do you? Dempsey (from Sophia L’Orange – Foster Kittens “How to Marry a Millionaire” or at least make your adopter feel like one litter) may be the purrfect kitten for you.

She is a tiny teen who utterly adores dogs and people, she will literally throw herself into your puppy or you for attention. She is a little weary of other cats and would probably do best in a household without any or with a cat who would ignore her, but she is never aggressive just growls to try to get them to leave her alone.

She was born to a clinic cat in August, but was so fragile and small she was kept there and not even spayed until January. She’s also the darling of adoption events, cuddling in everyone’s laps. But this may have ended up being a disservice as then people looking didn’t know she was still available. But she’s that laid back a kitty. And still playful and cuddly enough at home. She will probably always be tiny, but has the biggest heart.








YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


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Today is my baby boy’s 12th birthday!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe he is 12!  Time has really flown by.  I got him when I was just a wee little 21 year old.  We have truly grown up together and he has always been there for me to make me giggle when I’ve needed it the most.

Happy birthday buddy boy.  I love you.




I can haz kisses????

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day tripawds!!!!!!!!!!!!  We love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Jill here.

So Mom sez Febary is Brush your pets teef month.  Something like that.  Dis is very important so I wanted to remind everyone.   As I told you Brudder had to have his toof PULLED a few weeks ago.  PULLED OUT OF HIS HEAD.  Can you even believe that? Oy.


And it costs lots of money to Mom to pull it out which means less treats and toys for me.  So really important.

K so dont forget k? Thanks. Love you all my fans.




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Well Belle’s here for six weeks.  It’s a zoo.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



Yes that's drool dripping from Jill's mouth....

Yes that’s drool dripping from Jill’s mouth….


Yep....her tail is in her water bowl.....

Yep….her tail is in her water bowl…..

A few minutes of calm.......

A few minutes of calm…….

Jack update and More!

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Hi all!

It has been one week since Jack’s tooth extraction.  Overall, he is doing pretty well.  He was a little grumpy for a few days – he was ESPECIALLY unhappy about having to eat wet food.  He does not like wet food at ALL.  I know what you’re thinking – he looks like he would like ANY food, but alas, that is not the case.  Unfortunately, he is still sneezing, so not quite sure what the heck is causing that…..

He was being very lovey and clingy for a few days, but then our special little barky visitor showed up and he lets her have the snuggles :)

Here are some videos of my little boy purring away in his drugged out state and playing and some pictures for your enjoyment :)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image





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