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Jill's Journey

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time

An Ampuversary of a Different Sort……..

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One year ago today, June 27, 2012, I was sitting in my office, nervously waiting for the vet to call to tell me whether Jill’s lungs were clear and if they could proceed with the toe amputation.  I did not know at that moment, it would be the first of many times during the next 12 […]


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Jill Here. Hey, guess what!?  My grandmaw and grandpaw went on a vacation again and we get to watch Belle for two whole weeks! AND thats not just all she is spending her BIRTHDAY with us! Today is my best friend Belle’s birthday!  She is a whole two years old today! I love you Belle. […]

Coming soon to a theater near you…..

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On June 27, 2012 Jill had her toe amputated and thus, began our osteosarcoma battle.  In honor of her and to celebrate ONE  YEAR of fighting and BEATING this nasty thing, I have put together a little tribute video, however, you will have to wait until June 27th to see it :)….In the meantime, I […]

A year gone by…………

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It was one year ago tonight that I came home from work to find Jill finally out from under the bed after hiding there for two weeks.  It had been the first time my parent’s puppy Belle was visiting, so I figured she just wasn’t a fan (now we know different, as they love to […]


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Jill Here.  There are many Mommys on here, so I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the often forgot about fathers and grandfathers out there on this Father’s Day. HOPPY FATHERS DAY to all the tripawd Dads and Granddads. I love you Grandpaw, thank you for everything you have done for me […]

Jill’s Journey Part 3: Metronomics

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Amputation: Check! IV Chemo: Check!  Now onto Metronomic chemotherapy……. My biggest hope in writing this blog post is that it will help another kitty mom one day, if they find themselves in the same situation that I find myself in. A brief background as to how we came to the decision as to why metronomic […]


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Wow.  6 months already?  How did that go by so fast!?  When I sit down to actually look back on the last 6 months, I really only see improvement after improvement and belly rubs and purring and kisses.  Not any recovery, CBC’s after CBC’s after CBC’s, x-rays, chemo, vein problems, peeing issues, supplements, metronomics.  And I […]

One of a Kind

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One year ago this month, I brought Jill to the vet for an “infection” on her toe.  Everything seemed to turn upside down, topsy turvy real fast from there.  While we’ve been on our tripawd journey for almost 6 months, it’s been almost a year (celebration to come in a few weeks) that we’ve been […]

Whiskers Whiskers Everywhere!

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Well the Neutrophils are still low, but Jill’s been a busy girl this weekend growing new whiskers!  Ta da!


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And who better to celebrate it with than Jilly!?  Every day for Jill is hug a human day!  So, for this special day, I thought I’d bring you a special hugging montage of all her best hugs.