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A Jack Update!

Filed under: Uncategorized — rica55 at 3:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2015

Hi Everybuddy!

It’s been one month since Jack’s terrible bout with Pancreatitis.  I’m not going to rehash the whole thing, but it was quite a terrifying ordeal!  He had to spend three nights in the ICU and was severely dehydrated and I was told he “most likely” had lymphoma.

Long story short, I contacted Jill’s oncologist and she recommended based on his labs that once he was better from the pancreatitis I bring him for follow up testing in a month.

Last week I brought him to the amazing internist team at The Animal Medical center (where Jill’s oncologist is and where I should have brought him in the first place).  We spoke about all the blood work, x-rays and ultrasounds and symptoms.  They were happy with how he was doing since he has been out of the ICU and recommended another ultrasound and more bloodwork.  The bloodwork came back absolutely perfect, which was great, because that was what was pointing towards lymphoma.  So that was awesome.  A mass was still showing up on his liver and it was recommended they do a needle aspirate of it.  They weren’t concerned it was cancerous, but a possible abscess.  Jack was very upset and could not relax during this ultrasound:

3 2

Silly guy.  Anywhoo….cytology of the mass came back crystal clear!  Just a benign cyst (with some fat in it….shocking! 😉

So Mr. Jack has a clean bill of health!!!!!  WAHOO!  I am so happy.  It was such an awful scare to be told he “probably has lymphoma” and I will be calling management at that other hospital to tell them a thing or two.  I am going to have to keep a very close eye on him from now on to make sure I do not see signs of pancreatitis as that can become chronic and we can’t have that again!

Now he is all back to normal and even a full pound lighter!  Here he is rooting for his Mets in the world series and spending some time with his best buddy!


Erica, Jilly and Jack

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October 30, 2015 @ 3:54 pm   Reply

Yay Yay & more Yay. The power of Tripawd prayers for one of our honorary Tripawds. I am so glad he had a clean bill of health.

Oh I would call and follow up with a letter that is a horrible thing to have to go through and especially with all that you have been through with Jill. I would have been a basket case.

Michelle & Angel Sassy


October 30, 2015 @ 11:51 pm   Reply

JACK!!!! JILL!!!! PEPPER!!!!

Great…G R E A T…..GRRRRRREAT. UPDATE!! And, as always, pictures and their respective captions that do not disappoint!!

Sorry you had to go through all the worries. Glad you got Brudda’ into the right vet for the right diagnosis!!

On a side note..I’ve had a hard time replying to your blogs. Basically, admin says it’s my tavlet and Verizon…a d…he doesn’t say it out loud, but he probably thinks it’s a whole lot me!

Anyway, I don’t think my replies ever showed up on the recent post you did on Jack and on JILL’s VICTORIOUS VERSARY!!! I’m always thrilled to see her victories and adorable pictures! BTW..her calendar picture was precious!!

I just want you to know I’m ALWAYS Team Jill and Team Jack…and Team Belle and Team Erica too!!

Please continue to blog and post when you can. You are such an invaluable presence here, not to mention FUN!!!!

Sending love to all..always!!



October 30, 2015 @ 11:55 pm   Reply

Bee! It went through!!! YAY!! Jjst can’t help scrolling up and looking at these pictures again! I’ll jave some of what Jack had!!

Jill looks reallu, really fit and healthy! These two are such a great cat pack!

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