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Jill's Journey

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time


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Wooohooo!  Our first postcards have arrived! Our very first postcards came from our fellow Winter Warrior ( Sassy – one dog, TWO STATES!  Iowa & Nebraska!!  Sassy is also Jill’s “Chemo buddy” – they have their treatments on the same day! Next up came two postcards from California!  Maw & Paw Tripawd (Thanks for that […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!! – Let’s focus on him today!

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I’ve had many a conversation on here with multiple pet owners who feel some anxiety about their quad-pods feeling either left out or abandoned during this journey.  I must admit, I often feel the same.  There are some nights, I’m ashamed to admit, that I forget Jack is even in the apartment (much easier for […]

Barney Takes on Manhattan!….in the Rain….

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Well the time finally came for Barney to venture out into the big city.  Since I don’t have a doggy to help show him around the city, Barney came to work with me for the day.  I was a tad concerned about this that he might become overwhelmed, but he seemed to REALLY enjoy it!  […]

The Adventures of Barney – Sometimes it’s about more than the Purple Dino!

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I decided that maybe Jill would warm up to Barney a little bit more if we snuggled up tonight to read the journals he came with.  So we curled up on the couch to read these beautiful stories that so many people have written before us.  Oh tears.  All these stories really hit home and […]

Stupid Stupid Veins!….Chemo #2

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Jill Here. Yesterday I went back to see the fine folks at the Animal Medical Center for my chemo #2 appointment.  Mom told me I did really great on my test last Sunday and this is how they reward me?  Hmph.  I’m getting much more comfortable at AMC and I dont really miss my Mom […]

Barney has arrived in the BIG APPLE!

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………and he is just in time!  Today we celebrate Jill’s 2-month ampuversary!  He came for the PAWTY!  As you will soon see, I’m not sure she is so thrilled about this.  He does have quite the distinctive smell. Barney came rollin’ into NYC last night.  Upon opening the box, the critters were very inquisitive.  What […]

Blood tests suck!…….or do they?

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Hi Everypawdy!  Just a short post here – Took Jilly Bean today for a blood test to make sure her White Blood Cell count is ok to have her second round of chemo on Wednesday, because as you know it was too low last time.  Anywhoo…..It was the first time being back at our regular […]

A get well project for Jill! Help us reach our goal!

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I’ve been looking for a project to spice up Jill’s blog and MANY THANKS to my friends in the chat room for coming up with the following idea (I take absolutely no credit). OK, so here is the mission! Before Jill’s one-year ampuversary on 12/12/13 (god willing) I would like to have her receive a […]

Aw Yeah it’s a Superbowl PAWTY up in here!

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Jill Here.  Mom is too busy to type right now, she is making some bean dip & catnip.  Yeah.  Right.  I love my mama, but a gourmet chef she is not.  She pours a mean bag of iams though! I was so excited to wake up today because Mom told me we were gonna have […]