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Stupid Stupid Veins!….Chemo #2

Filed under: Uncategorized — rica55 at 1:18 pm on Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jill Here.

Yesterday I went back to see the fine folks at the Animal Medical Center for my chemo #2 appointment.  Mom told me I did really great on my test last Sunday and this is how they reward me?  Hmph.  I’m getting much more comfortable at AMC and I dont really miss my Mom too much when I go there, because I get to see my favorite vet Dr. Amber, she lets me give her the biggest hugs ever:


Now comes the bad part.  My very nice Nurse Maria (shes my favorite) who took care of me all day told my Mom my stupid veins are all squiggly or somethin’ because they just could not get that darn catheter in!  They need to give me my doxyrubeeekin (me thinks thats how you spell it) and it MUST GO IN THE VEIN she says! From now on, you tell those vets to take a JUG STICK!  WHAT!?!?  That sounds scary to me………Jug stick?!?! Where is my jug and will it hurt me???  Mom says no it will be ok, I have been through worse and gotten through it like a champ!

So off to home I go with all these new bald patches where they tried to get that catheter in (which they finally did by the way and I got my doxyrubeeekin).  I am very sleepy from all this activity and I just want a belly rub.  I was real thirsty when I got home so I had a large gulp of water and then went to bed on the couch next to Mom and passed out for the night.  Aunt Belle was really nice to me, even though she is a puppy, she knew to leave me alone.  Hopefully I will feel up to playing with her today.

Mom says, for her version of events, you can read it on the forums here:


A Very Sleepy Jill


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   virginia and my kitty - dixie

February 14, 2013 @ 6:05 pm   Reply

poor baby – thinking of you jill and wishing you the best!

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