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Jill's Journey

Hopping her way towards a (hopefully) cancer free life three legs at a time


Filed under: Uncategorized — rica55 at 4:24 pm on Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Jill Here.

Brother is sickly!……but that’s not the worst part…..because he is sick WERE NOT ALLOWED ANY FOOD.  How is this fair?  I ask…HOW!?  The injustice of this.

Mommy brought him to the vests the other night because he had a tum tum ache.  He was puking everywhere he even got it ON ME.  Poor brother.  He is not used to going to the vests.  I am the usually the one to go which is why we have a pink girl case.  He wasn’t very happy about being in a GIRL case.


Anywhoo.  The vest says Jack has a tum tum ache and is not allowed food for 24 hours.  Which means I CANT HAVE FOOD.  Because fatty will FREAK OUT if I get food and he doesnt.  I guess its ok because when I had to fasted for my surgery he couldn’t have food either.  But.  Still.

I do feel bad.  You can tell Fatty doesnt feel good.  He’s all snuggly and clingly like with mom.  Usually I dont let him so close to mom at night when we go to bed but last night I decided I would let him be next to her on the pill pill.  Isn’t that nice that I figured out that he needed to be there instead of me?

Mom says to say not to worry, brother is going to be ok, as evidenced by the scale at the vest.  He is still steadily gaining weight not losing any.

Here is my poor brother looking all sadly like (probably just wanting some tention from mom).





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November 6, 2014 @ 4:53 pm   Reply

Awww Jack. I am sorry your brudda doesn’t feel good Jill. I can tell he is kinda mopey. 🙁 Get feeling better Jack.

Michelle & Angel Sassy


November 6, 2014 @ 9:44 pm   Reply

Jill, you give Jack lots of kisses and love from me. We love your bruddha and he needs to get better very soon.

Karma, Adelaide and the crew and our forever angel Brendol


November 7, 2014 @ 12:30 am   Reply

Jill, you write the CUTEST posts!!

I know this is a very serious subject with fatty Brudda having to skip a meal, go to the vests, ANd javing to travel in a PINK suitcase!! Still though, your chronicles make me giggle…like wiggling my tummy giggling!!

And that was BERY nice of you to let Brudda sleep next to your mom last night. Poor thing, probably feels like he’s getting weak from having to skip a meal and will need your momma to carry him to the litter box!

And he got some puke on you?? Yeah, it’s a good idea to let him sleep next to mom and you just sleep at the foot of the bed…just in case 🙂

JACK,tummy ache or no tummy ache, your pictures make me laugh!! I wouldntw worry about missing a meal or two though. You jave PLENTY fat reserves to draw on!!

Jill, keep us posted, okay? We’ll look forward to your next update cutie pie!!


Salt and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


November 7, 2014 @ 9:09 pm   Reply

JACK! What the heck have you eaten mister? All of a sudden your belly aches? What’s up with THAT?!

Get well my friend, we hope you’re already in recovery mode.


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